Name Richie

Age: 234

Height: 2'5"

Weight: 85 lbs.

Last Job:Santa's Elf

Special Skills: Manual Labor

Monster Rejects Profile: Richie is a former elef at Santas workshop. He has many skills including working for no pay in a factory. Reason he lost his job was an incident where Richie filled up the bag full of stocking stuffers with sex toys instead of the standard model train and constantly picking fights with the other elves. When last fired he tried to apply his laboring skills overseas, but was not fond of working with kids. They complained too much.
Personal Profile: The problem with the workplace today is its all the same thing over and over. You're putting shoes or toys together and not getting paid. I can't be blamed for past actions I've made...Smoking in the workplace... constant bathroom breaks...and a few sex toys taken out of context. I's Christmas for thier mother's too!...And I was making it a merry one.....*ehem* So this time around I think I'd like to get a freaking job that freaking pays!