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Its starting right now. The temporary hiatus of Bloody Fingers. When it comes back these archives will be moved into the extras section to make room for an all new kind of Bloody Fingers. There will also be a new site design to acomidate the new format. Its no longer going to be a four pannel strip.
If you want to see any updates I will mention when there is new imformation in the FORUM on the Sticky Fingers updates. If you want to see what I have for it right now I have a few things already posted. There's the sneak peak into the first few pages of the strip. Also the new character designs. You can also e-mail me if there are any more questions. I can't give an estimate on when the strip will be coming back because I have no idea. Hopefully soon, but that also depends on how long the script ends up being and how long it takes to prepare everything. Until then I hope Sticky Fingers can accomadate your comic needs.

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