Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"


Holy Shit! Was that a long wait for this comic. I have no idea how much I suck… I know it’s a lot…but I’m not sure how many ballparks of suckyness I have filled right now. That was without a doubt the longest wait for a Sticky Fingers comic yet…and I have had long waits before. Sorry…I suck…hopefully I’ll be having new Bloody Fingers soon as well…but that’s a lot more work than this was.

Right here is a lead in to the next storyline…type thing. A lot more of the storylines will begin blending together as the strip goes along. I like there to be a cause and effect factor…it makes this ridiculous comic seem slightly…more…realistic…slightly…very slightly.

Some bad news… Acts my artist for the comic that was formally going to be called Vigilante and is now entitled Burning Heroes…seems…to have disappeared. I havn’t heard from him in months. Unless he shows up anytime soon I don’t see him carrying on as the artist. So right now the artist search has begun again. So please go to the forums and apply. The only qualification you need…is to be a better artist than I am.

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