Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"


This is the first strip of the Golden Ages. The Archives are now Going to be split into sections of Dark Ages and Golden Ages. Also this is the last regular page where the "First" link will go to the actual First strip. You'll still have that link on the archives page, but on the regular site pages the "First" button will now link to this one here. You don't really need those first strips anyways. All you need to know right now to get some of the jokes is they work in a porn store and Steve is dating his hand. If you want to know a major influnce of mine for doing this archive split check out Pink Slipped. Joe Francis did the same thing. Damn that strip has been on hiatus for awhile. Speaking of hiatus the great Bigger Than Cheeses is going on Hiatus. I suggest you go over to the site and find out the details if you're a fan. Chances are though if you're a fan of that you went to that site first.

New section of the site going up. The Extras page. It'll feature, wallpapers (when I get around to making them), The Genius Fingers strips (I know I said I wouldn't do that...but I lied, and fan art (hint hint). Yeah...not expecting that last one for awhile.

Genius Fingers...jeez. I really need to update that vote incentive. I'll try to do it soon...but I've been saying that for a while so no Promises. You havn't been voting anyways so screw you. Heh heh...I kid...Kind of...

The FORUM is completly empty. How about alittle contributing to that. I've made three entries on there, and I'm now done with it until somebody adds something. I don't want to spam my own Forum. Alright that's all for today Stickydikes. Later.

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