Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Finaly! Someone To Beat Off To!

First strip with Rish. Isn't it beautiful? No? Well FUCK YOU! I'm just kidding I'm well aware that its ugly as sin. Its taken me awhile to figure out how to draw the ever curvacious women. But as you can see from both the title bar and the characters page Rish's looks do improve...eventually.

Now that this is the 2nd update of the golden ages the First button now links back to the first update of the golden ages. To get to the Dark Ages just use the Archives page. I havn't gotten rid of them. Just made it more acceptable for when new readers come in. If you are a new reader. WELCOME! Why not join the spiffy new FORUM that I just got. It's even newer than the one I mentioned in the last update. This one is here to stay though. It has exactly what I was looking for in a FORUM. So join. I promise it wont move on you. Also from here on out you can leave comments on each update. Spiffy eh?

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