Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Now That's A Disturbing Thought

Fuck this strip took forever to color. I spent 2 and a half hours just coloring this stupid thing. The problem is I'm easily distracted. I would get through coloring a pannel and then I'd think of something that I could be doing, do that, and then eventually find my way back to this strip. I need to hire somebody to crack a whip at me whenever I start to stray from what I'm suppose to be doing. Specifications for the job are you need to be hot and be willing to wear a bikini while you work. Post your appication in the brand new FORM. Voteing will also help you in earning this position. As for payment you will be payed in sex....If you will not take payment in sex I will just have to use a credit card....IN YOUR VAGINA! OHH! By the way while in buiessness situations like this my penis will be known as my credit card. Pretty awsome huh?

Today marks the last day of the Dark Ages of the comic strip. Tommarow the first storyline with Rish will begin. You're not gonna like the way she looks. When I first added her she looked nothing like she does at the top of the page. She was drawn....interestingly...yeah...that's the way to sugar coat it. You do like sugar right? Of course you do. Stickydikes like things sticky, and sugar is sticky.... Yeah...sorry bout that...That sounded kind of weird. Oh well. What you gonna do right? Later Stickydikes.

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