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Now Women Need To Look Handy

Sorry the updates a few hours later than usual. When I got home yesterday I didn’t feel like posting the comic… it was done though…and you could of already seen it if you were a forum member. But... most of you reading this aren’t…so…you had to wait the extra hours… I bet you’re all freaking out right now waiting to get your fix…well…here it is…

As you’ve noticed the story has taken a twist due to Chuck logic. This was another really fun one to write and I think most of the jokes in this storyline are pretty funny. Hopefully you all will too.

I’ve decided since lately I haven’t had much to say down here that I’m going to try something. I’ll be introducing you to the band of the day via a link to their Myspace music page. You don’t need to join to listen… just check them out. Today’s band is actually my cousin’s metal band Nine Knives. This is the only band I’m plugging where I actually know the person. They’re pretty talented though…so go check them out.

Burning Heroes is still looking for a new artist. Please apply at the forum.

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