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Never Bring Up The Other Girl

This strip addresses some items that I had actually forgotten about…and some I just hadn’t mentioned in some time, that I thought should be brought back to the readers attention. Chuck’s forgetting about Jamie…was something I had actually done…so I figured I’d work it in there. Rish’s crush on Chuck…not something I forgot…but since she got hypnotized it hadn’t really been brought up in awhile. I didn’t want you readers to think that I had forgotten that element…its still a part of this Sticky Universe.

Updating is getting more and more fun lately. These are the storylines I really like that I’m updating right now. I have no shame in the comic appearing up there at all. The art isn’t as good as I could do now, but its not embarrassingly bad as it used to be. The jokes I believe are funnier too…This one and last update especially. So… yey.

The band for today may not be very unknown to the European readers (I have some of you guys right?) but most of the American readers probably haven’t heard of them. The bands name is Lordi, and considering how close it is to Halloween I figured they were a perfect plug. Lordi is a monster themed rock band with an outstanding appearance and very catchy songs. I suggest checking out one of their music videos…here’s the link to their video for Blood Red Sandman on you tube. Try to pick out what horror movie its referencing in the video. If you can’t figure it out…I’m gonna be disappointed in you.

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