Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Screw The Comic...It's Halloween!
This strip leaving you in suspense? No?... Not even a little… What? Come on… Just humor me on that… Fine…Fuck you…

Anyways, it’s Halloween…and even though I worked at a store primarily selling Halloween costumes I ended up not buying anything… yeah…that was stupid. I got two ideas for a half assed costume… I think I’ll choose one of them. Either go as an old fashion villain tying chicks to train tracks…or I’ll wear I sign saying I’m having a bad day…and call it a Jack Bauer costume. The second one gives me an excuse to kick some ass… and… a lot less effort… We’ll see…

The band of the day is the one I think about when I think of Halloween…King Diamond. I actually dressed up as him last Halloween (best costume ever). In case you don’t know who King Diamond is…and I pity you if you don’t…he is the greatest Metal vocalist of all time. Almost all of his solo albums are concept albums that tell a horror story of some sort. Great lyrics, amazing vocals, kick ass guitars, cool stories…just… everything perfect. He even has done voice work for four episodes of Metalocaylpse… How fucking cool is that? Check out his profile!

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