Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

The Ultimate Chew
Yeah I know this isn’t Sticky Fingers and I keep saying I’m gonna do these as vote incentives…but meh… It’s more likely that they’re just going to continue popping up in these archives every once in awhile. That way…I get an update done…and I get to get rid of an idea that’s floating in my head before it drives me crazy.

Anybody that remembers Genius Fingers from the vote incentives might have noticed a few changes in my appearance in the comic. I try to keep it updated with my current appearance. So that black and gray smudge on my arm is supposed to be my second tattoo, there’s a small beard added on to match mine…and 3D glasses…because I have some now and they’re awesome!

Band of the day is Evil Masquerade, an awesome Metal band…that again…does not come from America. If you’re a fan of Iced Earth (especially their last album) I think they’re a band that you should enjoy.

Burning Heroes is still looking for a new artist. Please apply at the forum.

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