Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Just Farting Out Loud
Its Thanksgiving Day everyone! Did you see the Turkey? I drews it meself!...Yeah... So be thankful for junk and stuff. I know I am. I’m not the type to go on long thankful rants though… so we’ll leave it at that.

You may of noticed that Rish’s face looks… really kind of fat in this update… We’ll blame it on Holiday pounds today. I’m thankful I can do that. This is one of those strips with a joke that I think is so incredibly lame it’s funny, which is good because I’m probably the only one.

The band of the day is Electric Eel Shock, an awesome Japanese metal/ punk hybrid of sorts, that sings there songs in amazing Engrish. Check them out.

Burning Heroes is still looking for a new artist. Please apply at the forum.

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