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Breaking the Wall...Breaking the Wall
Just so you know…the title of this one is a lot funnier if you’ve been listening to as much Judas Priest as I have been lately. Good shit. By the way I noticed right around the end of finishing this comic that I butchered this joke when I accidentally cropped out his hands… but… yeah… I don’t have the time to do it all over. Just know…his hands weren’t all that big.

Yesterday I saw a movie that you all need to go out and rent. It’s a movie called Bite Me starring the great Misty Mundae. If you ever want to see a movie where a woman orgasms from having a huge spider jump up her butt…this is for you.

The band of the day is a heavy Southern Rock band by the name of Artimus Pyledriver. If you haven’t heard them…go to their myspace and listen. They rock.

Burning Heroes is still looking for a new artist. Please apply at the forum.

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