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V-Day Nudity 2008
Well this isn’t exactly a regular update…but hey… it’s something. It’s been a pretty hectic since my last update, and I haven’t been feeling the motivation to work on my comics. In the recent months though my creative spark has come back and I’ve been doing a lot of writing… which can be found here. I plan on bringing more updates soon. Don’t worry… this comic will end correctly. It will not be abandoned in mid storyline.

Anyways…let’s do a band of the day. Actually forgot all about this segment until I went to look over the website earlier today. The band for this update is Black Messiah, a very talented Folk Metal band from Germany. This stuff can get very addictive.

Also make sure to check out the other comics taking place in the event. Sarah ZeroChooken, Prepare to Die, Indiffrently EvilStar Cross'd Destiny, and the Cates

Hopefully you guys will hear from me again soon

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