Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

At The Gay Bar

Sorry about the late update. School has taken a whole lot of energy out of me. Which is why I'm gonna have to change the update schedule to just three days a week. This doesn't mean that there wont be some weeks with seven updates. I'm gonna try my best to get as many days of the week as I can with updates. Officially though its gonna be a Monday, Wednseday, Friday update schedule like Bloody Fingers has.

In other news I'm working on geting a new and better Forum. I decided that I would like to have people NOT talking on a whole new forum because it was getting boring watching people not do it on the one I have now. I just got to figure out this PHPBB program. If anybody knows anything contact me. I need the help. Thats all Stickydikes. Later

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