Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Oh You Crazy Fat Ass

Alright Stickydikes we're edgeing closer and closer to the end of "The Dark Ages" of Sticky Fingers. After this strip there is one more storyline follwed by a few gag strips and then we're there. We're also getting closer to an even worse quality of strips. I had taken a month off of drawing and I completly lost whatever skills I had managed to obtain. So progress will take a step backwards but after alittle while the art will begin to get better. The writing definatly does. This stip definatly reeks in the writing. Its like one of those floaters that makes your eyes water. I appalogize for making you read it. Will you ever forgive me?...You will? Really?....are you just saying that? I need you to prove that you still love me! Vote...VOTE AND I'll KNOW YOU STILL CARE! Heh you all didn't see that coming. I'm such a whore... Seriously though vote. Sticky Fingers is about 15 or so votes away from making it into the top 200 so vote hard! Theres still plenty of time in the month to vote so lets get it going. Later Stickydikes.

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