Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Who Wants To Touch My Magical Penis?

My first update to Sticky Fingers as an official man. You know what I found out when I turned 18, that maturity does come to you as soon as you become one of the adults. In that day I changed so much. I no longer masterbate into socks...I know use the sleeves of suits. You'll find as you get older that the more mature you are the more stuff you'll want to do in a suit. Too bad I only have one... *cough*

Alright enought shooting bullshit around. Its winter break right now and I'm gonna be updating a whole lot more for the next few weeks. So I expect a whole lot more voting as well. And if its not too much trouble how about alittle joinage in the FORUM? Later Stickydikes

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