Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Knock on Wood

Today starts a new storyline in Sticky Fingers. I think you're all going to like this one. I think I've come up with an update schedule that will actually work this time.You can now expect two updates of Sticky Fingers a week. One on Monday and one on Saturday. This is Monday and Saturday my time though, so don't go freaking out if its an hour off Monday on the East coast and theres no comic, I can do it all the way up to 11:59 pm over here in California and I will still consider it ontime.

I've been writting the script for Bloody Fingers alittle more now. Added 7 pages making it a 14 page script so far. This is going to be big. I'm going to have to give credit for a co-author though. I originally had thought that I was going to be doing this alone but I've had a lot of help from this one. Actually he's probably written more pages than me. So I hope that when I take it off of hiatus you'll appreciate the work done by my co-author, MY PENIS. Yeah some people have a smart ass, I have a talented penis. Beuatiful isn't it? Sorry no flash photography, you'll scare it.

Ok that's it for this week Stickydikes. How bout going over to the FORUM and hanging out alittle bit. There may be a small number in there but we're good people.

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