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That's Just Not Right...Period

Early update today don't expect that too often as I'm usually a lazy last second kind of guy. However yesterday I had one of those days where I actually felt like doing alittle work (coloring is work to me...I like the drawing part...but the coloring bores me) so I finished this over a day early. That's why you're getting here late Monday instead of sometime on Tuesday. Hurray.

With the update up nice and early I wont have to worry about rushing to get it done so I can watch some 24. Been watching so much of that latly. In the past few weeks I've finshed watching the 2nd and 3rd season and now I'm making another round for the 1st...So good. This 4th season I'm not so sure of yet though. A lot of good characters Elisha Cuthbert...not that her character had a lot of interesting things to say....but I uh...well not penis is very disappointed to see that she's gone this season. He'll get over it though...with time.

Alright well I have to do some quick things on my English homework so how about we carry this conversation on some other time. I'll meet you in the FORUMS. Have a good day Stickydikes.

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