Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Sexual Haraswhat Laws?

Well I was alittle off on how late my updates would be but they're going to go back on schedule starting now. I had good reasons for the missed reasons, so it wasn't because of lazyness.

In other news the blog is back updating after not having an update since October. So you Stickydikes can go there to get newsupdates on the site or just listen to my stupid ramblings some more.

I plan on having some vote incentives made for you soon...hopefully sometime this weekend. Two girls from my high school wanted to get some Genius Fingers claim to fame so they'll probably be featured in the next vote incentive if I can come up with anything. If not I'll just fall back on an already drawn up one. I have to approach this strip with cation though, because they are chicks. Meaning if I make them too ugly I'm alittle screwed (too bad I already have screwy ways of drawing them *evil laugh*). It is a comedic strip after all so if you're in the strip your up for alittle bit of roasting...unless you're me of course..but there's really no way to roast a genius like me...*cough*

Some more news two strips have been added to the links page. These two like polar opposites to each other. There's Dominion with some of the greatest artwork I've ever seen...and Tree Sprocket...with artwork (its' improving though and I can't judge). Both of them are enjoyable in the writing though so check them out.

Alright that's FORUM and VOTE folks!

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