Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

A Real Sore Winner

Today’s strip I thought would never get up on time. Yesterday I got power failure in this house that caused the internet to go out. The power came back almost immediately after but the internet was gone for awhile. Being the “great” computer genius that I am it took until 3 hours before this update to figure out the 10 second procedure to get it back running. I AM STILL A GENIUS!!!!!!!

Notice anything new about the format the strip is in? That’s how the updates are going to be after I run out of all the other ones that I have already finished coloring. The only reason why its changed is because in its original form it was spreading too far off the page. Basically it made the site look like crap. So 20 minutes before I started on this update I fixed it up to the beauty you see now. This strip actually features one of my better earlier drawings of Chuck. I particularly like his left hand in the second panel. This is still far from where the drawings get decent. For some reason they even get alittle worse for a little while before they get decent. Ugh… I’m not looking forward to those updates. Still no update on Keenspot and I don’t believe there will be until at least Sunday of this week. Keep your fingers crossed that everything works out on that or else I’m going to have to keep looking for ways to get more bandwidth. If worst comes to worst I’ll have to ditch this site entirely and move on over to Drunk Duck. (shudders). Not too big of a fan of that idea. Oh well. Have a good day Stickydikes

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