Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Happy Belated New Years

Well today’s comic wasn’t exactly my true resolutions. I do actually intend to get a whole lot better about comic updates. I’ve noticed that a lot of you are a lot more responsive to the comic when I do that, as of last month I got my highest amount of unique page views ever, and I believe it is because I was actually updating. Also recently I have gotten a decent amount of daily voters over at Webbed Comics. If I just get a few more of those I can break into the top 20 and have my banner displayed in all it’s glory. So thanks a lot guys.

I’m still looking for guest comics right now… so far I have received a grand total of….zero. Yeah. Not looking to great right now…but we’ll see. I believe in you guys!

Ran out of time to do a Genius Fingers update, however, there is a doodle of mine that should be up (as long as the image hosting program stops giving me trouble) that you all should enjoy.

Like I said for the filler... Vigilante Artist search is done, and if you want you can still come and give Acts a huge welcome. There’s even the two pieces of art that he used to wow me posted up in the forum. So go check that out

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