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Where Was The Last Place You Saw It?

Big big stuff going on people. Bloody Fingers site has been redone…and is awaiting a new update. Should have one up sometime within the next week. So anybody that missed Bloody Fingers will be treated to that again. Not the way I wanted to bring it back…but better looking than before none the less.

Forum member and creator of Detalitum had his birthday the other day. Why don’t you all go onto the forum and give him some well wishes…or even better go over to his own site and do that from there. He’s got one hell of a fantastic comic.

I’ve decided that I’m going to try and join in Stef on his annual Valentines Cartoon nudity vote incentive this year. So if you want to see some poorly drawn nipples come here on Valentines Day and check them out.

Still waiting for some more guest art from people. Plenty of time left to get that in…but the sooner the better. Thanks. No new vote incentive today…but there will be one put out this weekend.

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