Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

You're Jail Bait!
Well it’s only been about a year and I already got the next comic up in the storyline. Oh yeah… That’s not laziness… that’s called building up the suspense. In case you’ve forgotten it by now the storyline starts here. Personally I think this one is a dud…but yeah… I’m putting it up anyways.

As I was inking this one I took a look at the date in which I originally drew it. It was May 17th 2004. Sticky Fingers is old... It sucks that I don’t have the archives to reflect the age…but hopefully I can work on that.

In other news I think I mentioned this during the V-Day Nudity but I have been doing other things besides Sticky Fingers and Bloody Fingers (which updated earlier this week as well) I’ve been writing short stories and am currently writing a novel type work. If you want to check that out just click here to go to the index.

Anyways…band of the day is Vesania. They’re dark! It’s a good quality.

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