Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Genius Fingers Archives
Genius Fingers is a comic strip that appears in many but not all of the vote incentives. It stars me and Humpy my hunched back side kick...because every genius deserves a hunched back side kick.
Fan Art and Guest Strips Made by Me
The various things of fan art and guest strips I have made for other comics. These are also used as vote incentives often.
The Rest of My Crap
This is where the rest of the random art I make goes. Some are are one pannel gag strips I did before Sticky Fingers, others are just random things I contributed to...or just doodled.
Reader Input
The fan art that is made FOR Sticky Fingers. This is the good stuff right here.
What's Left

Chuck's Myspace Acount
Bloody Fingers

More Coming Soon

Temp Class Stuff
This is stuff that I will be geting rid of once I finish my Web Design Class. Feel free to take a look...though some of these will take you to one of the regular pages.

Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignmemt 3
Assignmemt 4
Assignmemt 5
Assignmemt 6
Assignmemt 7
Assignmemt 8
Assignmemt 9
Assignmemt 10