Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Look Who Dropped By....IT'S NUDITY!

This is probably the last strip that I do on this address. I got my password from comicgenesis and hopefully I’ll be using that from now on. Geocities is not recommended for doing a webcomic. I did not know how important bandwidth was before I started this thing… if I had known I would have done a little research before I got myself started. I don’t know how exactly comicgenesis will work so if there is no update for a few days I have a good reason. Now to the strip. This strip features one of the worst pictures of Chuck I have ever done. Might actually feature two of the worst I’m not sure. Just look at him in the 2nd panel. Doesn’t it make you want to burn things? Oh well…I’ll deal with it. I have what will hopefully be a guest strip for Loserz on my blog right now. So if you’re curious go take a look. Have a good day Stickydikes

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