Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Story Story Story!

Finnally an update after such a long time in. Its a good thing I don't have any fans that were pissed off by that...*sigh*.. alright. This strip is the start of the first storyline for Sticky Fingers EVER! Sadly its only a decent stroyline and the worst one I've done. Don't worry though its short. We'll make it through this toghether. WE CAN DO IT! Good Good deap breaths. I BELIEVE IN YOU! Uh... OTHER INSPIRATIONAL CRAP! Ok I think I got that out of my system.

Now onto more important matters VOTEING. Now I'm not expecting to get into the top 10 or even the top 100 but if there was some effort put into it and everyone would just vote once a day I could get somewhere in the 200s. I mean come on. The 700s suck. So get to that banner in the navigation panel that says vote and press it. After that you go straite to Buzz. Press the conformation button for the vote and your done. THATS ALL! Its not the least bit hard to do but it'll mean a whole lot to me. So please please do it.

Alright I got one more favor to ask of you. This one doesn't help me directly but it helps one of my favorite webcomics. Check out Bigger Than Cheeses and give it alittle vote too. Go on...don't be shy. They don't bite over there. Plus hes got a flash banner to make the voteing fun! WHEW! So just do those voting things because I need it and Gooni of Bigger Than Cheeses needs the ego boost. As ruler of the Stickdikes I DEMAND THIS BE DONE!....I need more people to rule.

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