Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Blindness Anyone?

By reading this sentence you are hearby waving any rights to sue for any blindness caused by looking at this strip. Heh heh..Genius...oh wait... DAMN YOU BLIND PEOPLE AND YOUR LACK OF READING! Anyways lets move along.

I know that I promised you good strips...they just havn't come. You got to believe me. I would never lie to you...cuz...I LOVE YOU! you want to make out now? Eh? No? I HATE YOU!....No wait wait...come back now...I didn't mean what I just said there. I was just lost in the moment. You know how it is baby. You mean a lot to me. I can just snuggle if you want sweet little Stickydike. Now that we're on such good terms again baby do you think you could go and give the site alittle vote? Just one. Its all I ask. Tommarow I'll even give you alittle vote incentive...

Alright lets just move off of talking like just get me in the mood thats all. Starting tommarow there will be a vote incentive with every Sticky Fingers and even Bloody Fingers strips. For Bloody Fingers I'm going to start posting the writing gags that I was drawing way before I started making Sticky Fingers and Bloody Fingers. For Sticky Fingers though since its my favorite out of the two I have something alittle more special. I'm going to make original comic strips staring myself demenostrating my geniusness. You'll only be able to see this if you vote though. So please vote. Just go into the navigation bar and vote. It'll take two seconds. Thanks.

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