Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Thats Right BITCH

I hate hate hate this strip. Plus the three panel thing does not work for this site. Don't worry thought I think that this is either the last or the last of two three paneled strips. Anyways I got the vote incentive up that I mentioned in yesterdays strip. So go ahead and enjoy that by voting. I garentee you that it is ten times funnier than this piece of shit. You know how I'm always badmouthing my work... I hardly have anything bad to say about the vote incentive I made today. Peaked ur interest? Then go Vote. The vote incentive is a strip that stars myself and hunch back named Humpy. Why a hunchback? Because every genius should have at least one hunchback assistant. If they got more than one though whoa are they pimping. Yeah...

Oh and if anyone goes over to Bloody Fingers today... don't worry I'm just as ashamed of that update as I should be. I wasted on the ink that was left in my pen on the vote incentive for this site. So you better go vote and you better enjoy it because I really am not happy with having a half ass update on only the third update day of that site.

Ok final think on my agenda of bitching. If you see any broken links on the site tell me. I've already noticed a few and when I'm feeling alittle less lazy I'll get around to fixing them. I'm just in a real crummy mood right now.

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