Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

I love happy endings...

Well thats the end of the first storyline in Sticky Fingers. Short and pointless sums it up perfectly. The purpose of this storyline had been to originally add a new character. The little stoner kid from the second strip in the storyline. I canned that idea when I realized that I hate kids in movies and junk. Although...there is South Park and the Simpsons. ...YOU KNOW WHAT!? SHUTUP! I really don't think a kid would have worked with the stuff that I do and I do not regret my descision to cut his character out of my future least cut him out so far.

Today is what I would like to call a "happy day". Although Sticky Fingers didn't recieve a vote Bloody Fingers did. AND IT WASN'T JUST ME! So whew...I got ONE VOTE! Whoever voted over there will get his own midget jester to play with when I am elected President of the world. I might even throw in a monkey if that person votes for both Bloody Fingers and Sticky Fingers tommarow. Trust me...Sticky Fingers has a way more kick ass vote incentive than Bloody Fingers. Actually if school wasn't coming up I might even have considered making the vote incentive into its own strip. I have way too many ideas for that thing. Oh well... If I ever get to a point where I can work on these strips for a living and hell freezes over I'll go ahead and take that strip from a vote incentive to more. So go check that out. Its staring me and a hunchback named Humpy. You can only see it if you vote so please vote.

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