Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

I Love You Man!

This storyline is basically over with this note. Just have to go through the one strip epilogue and we’ll be done with the single worst storyline in Sticky Fingers! Now don’t get me wrong…I don’t think this storyline was all bad…it did have its moments. The problem was this storyline took me out of my element and I was faced with constant writers block, plus the fact that some of these strips were for plot development…but I forced punch lines into almost all of them with the exception of the 100th comic.

Today’s comic is one of the good ones I think. It was made after watching a Segal film (don’t ask me why I was watching one) and I was just sickened by the ending. I had never seen an action movie end so sappy in my entire life, except maybe with the other Segal movie I had seen…who knows? Yes…people want resolutions for their main characters…doesn’t mean you have to have 10 minutes of the characters talking about the resolutions. Just steer clear of Segal films… they’re not worth the effort.

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