Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

They're Never Worth It!

How many action films does there have to be where the hero can knock off countless goons…but when they get to one of the big guys… they decide that they’re not worth killing. Sure they’re worth it…that’s why you were working so fucking hard to kill them!

Something I just noticed to seconds ago… I accidentally erased the scroll navigator for the story lines. Yeah…that’s right I’m an idiot. To anyone that is affected by that I’ll have it back up and ready for you soon. You still have the archives page to skip to whatever specific strip you want though… so you’re not left totally helpless.

Also Bloody Fingers updated again right after the 100th update of this comic. Both of these should be regularly updating again…so you can all look forward to that and tell any readers that haven’t been checking back here anymore.

Vigilante is also getting back on track after a short problem with the artist. So hopefully that comic will be up and running on the net within the next few months. I can’t wait!

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