Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Number 100!

I know what you’re all thinking… This is what I had been waiting for!? Yes it is friends! The dreaded 100th comic! It’s been long…but the comic has finally hit that landmark! Because this is a grand occasion for most comics…I decided it was right to thank the people that have helped the comic get this far. There have been times when I had been on the verge of quitting this comic all together but these people have kept me going.

First I think I should be thanking the man that made the fan comic that just below the 100th, and that is Abaddon of Detalitum. Showing what a dedicated fan he was he responded to my call for fan art…immediately. Next there’s Courtney, a good friend from which I stole the name Rish from (it was her nickname). Sage, who supported the comic in its earliest years. Quaz of Tanatos, who was probably the first person in the webcomic community to show any support for Sticky Fingers. Finnaly Stef of Sarah Zero fame, who constantly builds Sticky Fingers up to be bigger than it actually is. All of you have helped tremendously in giving me higher morale for the comic…so if any of you out there want someone to blame…blame them!

Updates will hopefully start picking up now, as it is the end of the semester of school and I plan to take the summer off. So hopefully all you loyal fans will enjoy that. Thanks for reading Stickydikes!

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