Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

All Goons Look the Same

Well this update must come to as a surprise to some people. It’s inevitable that every once in awhile I’m gonna make huge gaps in between my updates. You all probably have come to the conclusion that I’m defiantly far from reliable on updates. This was one huge gap though…wow. The funny thing is I’ve been near the end of coloring this strip the entire time. I had less than an hour left worth of work to do on here. So I just officially suck.

Today’s strip was meant to be kind of misleading…you know…taking the usual cliché’ approach of getting into a bad guys lair. Come on… if people knocked out as easily as they do in the movies we’d spend most of our time on the ground knocked out. Hell… Our whole skull would have to be one big soft spot… Though this only applies to minor characters and goons. The leads can have their heads crashed through walls and take abuse far beyond what the average human being can take… So the action movie world consists of the thick skulls and the soft spots…they should have a war. The thick skulls may have the physical advantage but the soft spots have the numbers. Somebody make this movie and tell me how it goes?

Check out Tree Sprocket on Thursday… or all the time if you want it is a great comic…but especially Thursday to see the guest comic I made for him. His guest week isn’t going as well as he had wanted it to…maybe if you get one in to him by the end of this guest week you can still get one put up by him. He’s deserving of it…

Oh…and I am still excepting guest strips myself… Still only have the one… Which is suprising considering how far the deadline has been extended. The next strip is the 100th comic… it’s extra long so you should have at least till the weekend to next Monday to finish it.

On the Vigilante front…there have been some slight complications that are completely out of Acts hands… and he may not be able to continue as the artists. Which would suck because he had shown me character sketches…and they were looking fantastic. It’s not a sure thing that it’ll be called off though… I need to reach him…and e-mail doesn’t work. So we’ll see. I’ll keep you informed on the progress.

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