Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"


This comic was actually made….way way way later than the actual 98th strip… but I needed a quick update. Plus I think this is pretty funny. There are actually a few strips like this as it is a recurring gag based upon actual chuck bulletin boards I’ve read while driving. Being the non-religious person that I am… I usually find these things hilarious.

In other news… the V-Day nudity was a complete success. Thanks for everyone who voted…and I hope that it didn’t hurt your stomach too much. Be ready next year for when I combine the likes of Sticky Fingers and Bloody Fingers for the V-Day nudity. I’ve already got it planned out…should be pretty fun.

Going to go see Animosity tonight…hence the short update today. It should be a blast. Saw them with Summer’s End a few months ago, they kicked some major ass…and some guys in the audience got some major kicks to the groin. And there was a cat fight…right behind me…with actual hot chicks… Here’s hoping tonight’s show actually manages to rival that!

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