Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Poop...Still Funny After All These Years

I've decided that once I get to the point in the strips where I think the writing gets decent I'll end up calling the strips before it The DARK AGE in the archives. If you want some idea of how I'll work the archives after that go check out the set up for Pink Slipped. Damn that strips been on a long hiatus...too long. Oh well. Are you voting for Sticky Fingers? Well you should. Its rooting tooting fun...*cough*. No idea where that came from. I'll bet its deleriam from the lack of voting. There are just enough people coming on here that if you voted every day I could at least make it into the top 200 strips. So come on and give it a try. Don't keep me hanging in the 300s this whole month.

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