Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Didn't Even Know He Was in a Closet to Come Out Of

If you read the Bloody Fingers comentery thing first I lied. I got this update out on time. Although its a very half assed one. Instead of starting from scratch like I prefer to do I just resized a bunch of panels. This takes away a lot from the image. If you're wondering what it says on the counter its "Why is it that women find everything small cute untill you pull down your pants?"

My resource for making updates like this one are getting close to none right now. I'm almost caught up with all the strips that I have colored in advanced. So it'll come down to "good" updates or no updates. We'll see how that goes as we come across it. If you want any updates on anything you can check out my blog. Theres a lot of useless rambling along with any news about late updates (hopefully there wont be too many of those) and other things involving the site. Thats all. Later Stickydikes.

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