Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"


Ok whos the wise guy that took a crap all over my moniter! Thats disgusting!...oh...wait...Its just the strip. Sorry my bad...Guess it was me. This strip is truely grotesque to look at. Panel 2 is without a doubt the ugliest picture of Chuck ever. Makes me wish it was crap on my moniter. Oh well... Today's strip features the first appearance of Chuck's Dad. Why do I call him Chuck's Dad instead of some name? Because I hate coming up with names. It took weeks for me to just come up for the names of Chuck and Steve....which later I remembered where those names sounded familur from. Used to be neighbors with a guy named Steve and we called him Chuck...cuz...he started it. Didn't even think about that when it came to the naming process though. But works. I think the names fit them perfectly. I just kind of found it ammusing that my mind would do that subcounsciously....back to the original topic. Chuck's Dad is just Chuck's Dad because I'm too lazy to try and think up a name for a character thats only in it from time to time. Doesn't have nearly the equivalent of screen time that Chuck, Steve, and Rish have. Although he will be appearing again after this storyline fairly quickly. Hes in one of the first few storylines of the what will be The Golden Ages. He'll get better looking later... Like everyone else he's gonna look like shit for awhile. Wait till you see the first drawings of Rish...It'll make you cringe. At least once she gets in the writing gets better. Little bit of a trade off there....I say little bit cause there wasn't really that much art skill to lose. New Forum soon...If you want to get caught up on any of my insane ramblings check out the blog....and thats it. Later Stickydikes.

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