Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

A Day Like The Movies...or Something

To start off Stickydikes....Stickydike I appalogize for the late late update. I wont say that it wont happen again but I'll try to make it like that. As for now the votes have reset over on Buzz and I know this month we can make it into the 200s. I'm not even aiming for low 200s just like 290 would get me happy. Last month we hovered over at 330 the whole month. We can do better.

Getting very close to the end of the Dark Age. Soon I'll have some good ...or goodish comics to put up for you all.

I've also added another strip to the links section, Rob and Elliot. Very funny well drawn well written strip. So why don't you go over there. Its a hell of a lot better that what I do.

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