Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Makes You Think Doesn't It?

For those of you that missed the filler that was put up Friday it's now in the Extras section. I Don't want to fill my archives full of filler like Sluggy does. Its my only problem with that strip so I'm not going to make it a problem over here.

Now onto the strip. I did the strip the same night that I went and saw Matrix Revolutions. I really don't understand how anybody can say that that is a bad movie. I thought it was great. They had covered all the talking that they had to do in the first two films and this one filled it up with action because there was finnaly no need for substance. In my opion it was the best of the three. The first is 2nd best and the 2nd one was third because at some moments I thought I was going to fall asleep. But back to the strip. I know that this one features alittle bit of copy and paste. The first picture of Steve is also featured in the third pannel. There is reason for this though. When I had first drawn it the strip was only two pannels. The first pannel was exactly the same as it is now, but the second pannel was the 2nd and the final pannel put toghether. I thought that it came acroos funnier with the short pause after that. Seemed more Keanu like to me.

Some more news. If you missed the newspot on the Filler Friday I'm giving you a chance to vote on whether or not I contiune to call you the readers of Sticky Fingers Stickydikes. Sign up for the FORUMS and vote here if you're interested. That's all. Later Stickydikes.

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