Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Tonight Rish is Played By Calista Flockhart!

Damn Rish is skinny in this strip. I hate looking at these old drawings, but I wouldn't want to cheapskate on the progression thing. These were drawn a year ago and I'm not gonna redraw them now...especially since I'm still drawing and writing up probably the biggest storyline I have ever done. You'll have to wait awhile for that this is only the 32nd strip and I'm on the 194th strip of buffer.

This strip is actually the start of a storyline that to this day I am still pretty damn proud of. I think you'll enjoy it too. Its kind of luck that my update schedule has allowed me to do a Thanksgiving storyline that I wrote last year around thanksgiving, to come this year around thanksgiving. So Enjoy...and I'll be putting the filler that was up here earlier into the Extras section later thise week.

Oh yeah a few more things before I forget. None of you Stickydikes have voted for a new name for yourselfs on the FORUM yet. You better get to that...because right now the leading vote is to stay Stickydikes...yep...1 vote for Stickydikes. Later... Stickydikes...and please take the time to vote on buzz....Stickydikes

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