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Snakes!? I Hate Snakes!

Hey Stickydikes its late Christmas Eve, only 20 minutes my time till Christmas, so Merry Christmast people. It's a good thing that this Thanksgiving storyline that is taking place has almost nothing at all to do with Thanksgiving. I don't want to ever write cheesey holiday strips though. I'm not sugary inside.

In the spirit of Christmas today I watched our DVD of "Its a Wonderful Life". I have no idea why this movie is so good. There are no explosions, no tits, no midgets, and no fart jokes. That goes against any of my rules for a good movie. Yet it somehow turns out to be entertaining. My only conclusion is one of the most heartwarming Christmas film of all time was made through a pact with Satan. Satans aim missed me with the Beastie Boys, but it got me with "Its a Wonderful Life". Damn yous Satan! Damn yous to hell!

I should start considering one of these pacts with the big red guy though. Finnaly get people to vote and join the FORUM...yeah....Merry Christmas Stickydikes

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