Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Inspired By A True Story

Eh Stickydikes, I actually decided to take the weekend off. Although if there are any readers you probably realized that by the fact that there were no updates on Saturday and Sunday.

Today I posted the final strip of Bloody Fingers before the big hiatus. I suggest that you go take a look through the archives. It shouldn't take you too long, its only twenty-five strips. I'll inform you of any more new on here and as well as the FORUM. I've posted this stuff on Bloody Fingers though so I'll let up on the news for that.

Now just because Bloody Fingers is on hold does not mean that Sticky Fingers is going to be getting updates on days when Bloody Fingers would have. I'm still going to be working on it just not updateable work.

Some news for the FORUM. I am currently looking for some new Mods. Information can be found here. Thats all for tonight Stickydikes. Later

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