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She's the One They Call Dr. FeelGood

I'm getting pretty good at this regular update schedule. Another one in the bag!

This strip originally had two alternative final lines. Chuck still says what he's saying right here but the Doc has something to add. Punchline number one was "Susan! Bring me a scapel, I'm cutting him open!" and number two was "I was thinking more around the lines of cutting it off!" Works a whole lot better without that. Her expression alone leaves off into the next strip so much better...which is actually the last strip of this particular exciting.

Finals are taking place this week at school. My English one is the one that can affect me the most...cuz...I'm right on the edge of failing...not my fault...the teachers insane! INSANE I TELL YOU! *shakes stickydike violently*...yeah. I just have to get a D on the test and I'll pass not too big a deal. Suprisingly my forensics final is the one that's going to be the harderst. I have to do an oral (heh heh oral) report on DNA evidence. I wrote a paper on this earlier this year...but I truthfully did not understand a word of it. So I'm kind of screwed in that aspect. While I wont fail the class if I fail this final it will definatly keep me from driving if I do...and I want to Drive...bad. But....Yeah

Enough bitching from me...I'm not emo and this ain't no blog. Here's the usual vote and FORUM request. Use them as you will...this time you can click vote in the newspot... not gonna be lazy.

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