Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

She's a Miracle Worker

And thats the end of that storyline. With the updates coming on schedule for this month I've decided to make a proposal with you the loyal Stickydikes. It is this. If I see more reader participation in the FORUM and voting I'll boost this strip from two strips a week to three. I'm fairly sure I can handle that workload but I'm not gonna work harder for nothing. If you don't want to particiapate in this though thier wont be any negative cosiquenses...things will just keep on updating the way they're updating. I'm not ever going to hold the comic ransom. This is just something to think about.

Finnals are finnaly over. Glad to be done with that. So next week when I get my report card I can see if my English teacher screwed me over with her grade. Which if she didn't would mean that I died and went to hell...but not the worse hell...just the boring one...AND THE BURRITOS ARE ALL MILD NOOO!!!*cough*...anyways..

That's all I got for tonight. Later

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