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More Women Should Do This

If you have checked the FORUM or the Blog you have probably seen this strip already. That's check those things out and occasionally you will see a strip early. More reason for you to check those out. Maybe even join the FORUM.

Shit... Oscars are going to be coming on sometime week or something...not too sure on the day. All that I know is that this show is fucking stupid. The movies picked are only boring flicks that don't nessarily have to be the best ones in the box office. A good deal of the time they're boring movies that only pretend to have a plot...Deep my ass... And what more does these people need awards for? If they want to keep the fucking Oscars I say you get rid of all these other stupid T.V. shows that plague telivision. You don't need 30 diffrent awards for working on one fucking movie... It just gets in the way of good T.V. I don't understand how these people can get so star struck watching these stupid award shows. I mean you're watching T.V. for Christs sake! If these shows wern't on you could see these stars acting instead of sitting around looking pretty... You see women...this is why we take control of the're idiots when it comes to entertainment...

Got off topic bout Voting...Later Stickydikes

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