Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

It's Almost Touching...Myself

Its the first update of March and I've got to thank all of you who voted for me on Buzz last month. While Stickyfingers didn't do that great it was good to see alittle bit more trickles of support on Buzz. Keep it up. Hopefully a new Vote Incentive will be made for you towards the end of this week...I'm trying.

When I wrote this strip I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that Chuck wasn't just some jerk. He's a jerk on accident only because he doesn't know where the line is. There are some people in the world that are like this...but the majority of jerks...are just jerks. Yeah...Chuck's not one of those.

Ok I think thats all I have for you today Stickydikes. Hope you enjoyed the strip.

*Cough* FORUM *Cough*

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