Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

But...Nothing Says I'm Sorry Like Naked Boobies

Eh...This was going to be the Saturday update but there were some problems with comicgenesis. So I couldn't update. Hopefully wont happen again...probably will.

On the subject of screwy sites I have updated the vote incentive...unfortunatly Buzz is down. Hit the vote button anyways though, it might come back up before you know it, cause ...Buzz is so good with this kind of stuff. I mean thats why it goes down only once a month. *sigh*

On a better note I'm looking for an artist to work on an original super hero comic I'm planning on writing. The idea on it is very basic at the moment. I have the general idea down, and I'm looking for an artist that can draw way better than me to illustrate it and bounce off ideas with. If you're interested contact me through e-mail, or the FORUM. I'll start a thread on there soon to tell you what I'm looking for for the hero. So check through there and hopefully the description will be up and you can send me some samples of your character designs. If you do this you have to be commited to working on the comic and not be in a position where you think you will quit in the middle of an issue. I hope to hear from some of you soon on this.

Finnaly I would like you all to go check out the new site by Pudbot (the creator of Sauce and the BTC forum. It has games, animations, reviews, news, and...the BTC forum. Its ME STUPID DOT COM.

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