Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

He Should Be a Lawer

Well so far none of you have responded to my artist seach for vigilante. If that changes the thread can be found here.

Any of you want to help me feel good? You can leave me a comment or review on Buzz or/ The Webcomics List. You don't have to do it but it would be really appreciated. Thanks.

On todays strip we're getting towards one of my favorite earlier storylines. So enjoy this should be a hoot.

Don't have much more to say towards the site so I think I'll dispense some advice for you people. This advices stems out from the fact that my friends are all assholes and I wanted to get them back for some pictures they tricked me into looking at. I was planning on taking a picture of my friends head and place it in a gross postion on some ugly fat chick. Make him look like a chubby chaser you know. Well... I learned a lesson in trying to do this photoshop gag... NEVER EVER put "Fat Chicks" into the yahoo image search. You'll get worse than you're going for... Yeah...I am a moron. Sad thing is...I'm not sure if thats the worst thing I've seen in this weekend. Ugh.... Why don't you help heal my pain with emotional support on the FORUM or on Buzz.

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