Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"


Ah....this is the life...making stupid cartoons while I watch the great Batman movie staring Adam West, the one true Batman *cough*.

This week I did a guest strip for JDizzle Comics. You can check out the strip on the home page over there for now and I'll move it into the extras section sometime soon. Now that I'm done with that I have another guest strip that I have to work on... If I manage to do this one on time I'll have done three guest strips for this month. My guest strip for Tree Sprocket should be appearing around the last day of the month if I remeber right. Then sometime soon I have to get to work on my pannels for the Zombie Bush group comic that I signed up for over at Dominion. Doing a lot of extra work right now. Doubt I'll have this much time on my hands for too long.

Still no artists found for the next comic creation I have planned called Vigilante. I have some character profiles that I'll be posting in the FORUM as soon as I get around to writing it out. It'll show you alittle bit more on what this comic is going to be like. Hopefully spark alittle bit more interest than what I'm revieving now.

In another note I'd like to thank all of you for the generous voting you've done this month. Keep this up and this will definatly be the best month this comic has had since starting. Thanks a load Stickydikes.

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