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Almost...But Not Quite

It's 6:00 and I'm tired as hell. Good thing I finished up Tuesdays comic early. If you checked out the blog at all today you've already noticed that. Well as you can see I'm putting it up early over here as well. Doing this just because I'd like to have at least one less thing on my mind. Not because I have a lot on my mind...just I don't like having thoughts when I'm tired...It's tireing.

Vigilante is still in need of an artist. With the lack of stuff I've posted for it I can completly understand though. So more stuff will be added to the FORUM for it sometime later this week. Hopefully I'll snag an artist.

Onto some other news yesterday I found a comic that shows exactly what happens when you let your penis take over for all of your artistic work. The embodiement of this is Chocolate Milkmaid (link not safe for work). It's not a very well written comic but when has your wiener ever cared about plot lines. I'm willing to be the answer to that is never.

Ok I think thats all that I have for you all today. Have a good day Stickydikes.

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